About Selfpiss.com

Back in 2016 I thought girls peeing on themselves should be more easily findable. With keywords ranging from ‘selfpee’, ‘self pee’, ‘peeing on herself’, ‘autopiss’ to not mentioning peeing at all in the keywords, it was pretty hard to find the videos. Back then they were very rare, so to stumble across one felt like a victory.

In my ignorance, I made the first version on WordPress.com. About a week later it was taken down, since they don’t allow porn.

After the WordPress.com fail, I figured out how things work in the web development world and got cheap hosting and the domain name. I collected as much links on the main porn stream sites as possible to add them to the site. To my annoyance (and again, ignorance), I noticed videos get taken down all the time, making my site more or less a boat without a rudder, since a large amount of links end up dead.

I lost interest and left it unmaintained. A few years passed when I logged into my Twitter account and to my amazement I saw I still had 1300 followers! “FFS! I can’t just leave my loyal followers with their dick in their hand”, I thought.

In 2022 the new site got launched which offers ad free streaming and user signup, to upload your own collection! I also want to give special attention to Verified Selfpiss Models. Learn more about becoming a Selfpiss Model.

Anyway.. I sincerely hope you enjoy the site. If you have suggestions or questions, let me know by email or DM.