Be a Selfpiss Model

If you want to show your own selfpiss videos to the world, this is the platform to do it. You will get your own model page with a ‘Verified Selfpiss Model’ label on your vids. There will also be a dedicated area giving your videos extra attention.

On your model page and your video pages, you will get the opportunity to promote your external paid content (your external paid content has to be pee-fetish related).

Here is an example on how your model page could look like. This page is for example model SelfpissModel. Text in red for explanation.

Click image to enlarge

And this is what a video page would look like:

Click image to enlarge

Verified Selfpiss Model

To become a Verified Selfpiss Model you’ll have to record a video of you peeing on yourself with either “” or the Twitter handle @selfpissdotcom written on your body or somewhere in view.

If you’re interested in becoming a Selfpiss Model, send me an email ( or send me a DM on Twitter and I will set up a profile for you so you can manage your own videos and links.